Get the equipment you need to grow

We specialise in financing SMEs looking to purchase clean, low-emission or productive-use technology.

Beyond Solar

We finance all kinds of clean energy and GHG-reducing projects.

Apply Online

Our web-based process makes it easy to apply for and manage a loan for your business

Borrow $10k to $100K

Rates of 10% to 16% p.a.

Online application


No early repayment fees

The Problem

You need new equipment and facilities to grow your business and reduce costs, but your capital is already working hard. You need to borrow but traditional lenders are too slow and too expensive.

Our Solution

Our online, AI-powered loan application process gets you access to institutional credit providers which only the largest and best-connected businesses could work with until now.

Reasons for getting a loan

  • Expand production
  • Offer finance to customers
  • Grow as-a-service lines of business
  • Save money by upgrading old equipment
  • Deploy pay-as-you-go assets
  • Install renewable energy plant

How to apply?


Tell us about your business in our simple application. Our online, automated processes speed up loan approvals and administration


If approved you’ll get a personalised, no-obligation quote. Investors use us to lend to thousands of creditworthy SMEs and projects


We execute and administer the loan. Businesses receive their equipment and start making repayments after three months

Our commitment to net zero

We believe SMEs are an essential part of any solution to the climate emergency. They make up 90% of businesses, 70% of employment and 50% of GHG emissions around the world today. We created Offgrid Finance to help SMEs transition to sustainable technologies and business models, by solving one of their biggest problems: access to growth capital. By making affordable loans available for investments in GHG-reducing lines of business, technologies and projects, we improve the business case for those investments and make it possible for SMEs to grow and decarbonise at the same time.