SUPERCHARGE clean technology sales and boost climate impact.

Cleantech companies: get best available finance to suit your needs, and a quicker and more cost-effective supply of finance.

Institutional debt investors: get a source of de-risked and investment-ready borrowers, market returns and a quantifiable climate impact.

We work closely with growing cleantech businesses.

  • Assess the viability of the cleantech asset
  • Analyse the risk of the cleantech company
  • Share that deal information in a concise way
  • Monitor performance and impact

We solve a critical finance gap

The demand for clean technology is outgrowing the rate of supply from financial service providers.

Here’s why…

  • Small ticket size (<$1m) of cleantech projects
  • High transaction cost of finding and assessing deals
  • Elevated risk requires additional collateral

Our tech-enabled financing platform is a fast, efficient and cost-effective mechanism to deploy capital to growing businesses in emerging markets, and drive climate impact and social benefits.

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