Our vision and mission

“Limited access to finance is a problem that’s much bigger than what individual cleantech companies can solve alone. We founded Offgrid Finance as a platform to bring the right know-how, scale and tools to solve this problem”.

New and emerging energy-efficient, renewable-powered and clean technologies deliver a positive economic and environmental benefit to enterprise and a better total cost of ownership.

Our Team and Partners

Co-Founder and CCO
Paulina Sokolova
Tim Chambers
Clean Technology Analyst
Charles Exall

Our Advisers

Advisor for Impact
Hannah Schiff
Investment Strategy
Eunice Wambui
Fintech legal counsel
Bryony Widdup
East Africa legal counsel
Allan Onyango
Team and performance
Anne Nygaard
Investor engagement
Trevor Hunt
UK CMA and tax adviser
Chris Dixon Eightoaks

Investors and Supporters