Vision and mission

New and emerging efficient, productive-use and clean technologies are coming onto the market and deliver a positive economic and environmental benefit to enterprise, and a better total cost of ownership. New financial models have been proven to channel significant scalable financing to SMEs.

A technology-enabled financing platform to clean and productive use technology will unlock a fast, efficient and cost-effective mechanism to deploy significant capital to growing businesses in emerging markets, and drive both social and environmental impacts.

Tim Chambers, CEO

“As CEO of an emerging market clean technology company for 8 years, I found prospective SME customers’ first questions were often about finance. Like SMEs all over the world, they didn’t have capital on hand and it was very difficult for them to borrow.

Limited access to growth capital is a problem that’s much bigger than what individual cleantech companies can achieve alone. I co-founded Offgrid Finance as a financial technology firm to take this experience and scale it up to help SMEs everywhere.”


Paulina Sokolova
Tim Chambers
Senior Risk Analyst 
Paulo Prata
Clean Technology Analyst
Charles Exall


Impact strategy and measurement
Hannah Schiff
Investor engagement
Trevor Hunt
East Africa legal counsel
Allan Onyango
CMA and tax adviser
Chris Dixon/Eightoaks