Invest With Us

Offgrid.Finance is the SME lending platform for impact investors who care about climate change and social impact.

We work with a wide range of low-emission and productive-use technology vendors to analyse and de-risk investments.

We offer a rich and diverse portfolio of emerging market loan opportunities with tangible climate change and social impacts.

The SME finance problem

You’re an investment manager looking for climate change and social impact investment opportunities, interested in investing in a diversified and de-risked emerging market SME portfolio.

The solution we offer

Offgrid.Finance brings a unique pipeline of SME loans in emerging markets with thorough due diligence, risk and impact analytics, providing the information you need to make effective investment decisions.


  • Automated analytics: We process SME loan applications, so you don’t have to.
  • Bundling: We consolidate multiple transactions to match your minimum ticket size.
  • Impact focused: Target the impacts you value and receive data for your own reporting.

Why we’re better

Offgrid.Finance’s platform offers you high-quality emerging market SME exposure with risk diversification and climate and social impact you can’t find anywhere else. Our credit process is built around working with clean technology vendors to understand the productive and impact potential of investment as well as value of the financed equipment over its lifetime.

Our Additionality

The global green transition is an opportunity for developing economies to leapfrog to zero-emission and lower-cost energy. SME investments into low-emission, productive-use and efficient technology pay for themselves. Offgrid.Finance connects SMEs to impact capital that would otherwise be unaccessible to them, speeding up the global transition to net-zero.