Lenders on our platform subscribe to these bundles of loans that fit their investment goals, whilst retaining decision-making oversight.

  1. Reach out to our client services team. Tell us the sectors, technologies, impacts, geographies, loan types, and returns you are looking for, and how much capital you are looking to allocate.
  2. Select from our detailed SME loan pipeline. We work to create offer you a suitable pipeline of loans to create a portfolio that works for you.
  3. Deploy capital. Use your customised portal on our lending platform to execute and administer loans as they come in, until your capital is fully deployed.
  4. Monitor your investments. Monitor the performance and impact of your lending and receive reports on a regular basis.

We already have a growing list of SME loans, ranging from e-tractors to solar machinery for export agriculture. Please reach out to our client services now to discuss your impact investing goals.

Our risk-reduction strategies

As-a-service scale-ups

As-a-service and PAYG entrants are revolutionising sectors from farm machinery to air conditioning with inherently inclusive and efficient business models. We are able to work directly with as-a-service scale-ups, making opportunities to fund their expansion available in tranches via our platform.

Each such opportunity is presented with bespoke due diligence and supported by our proprietary debt administration and impact monitoring.

Carbon credits

We forecast the decarbonisation impact of every loan pipeline we create, using rigorous and up-to-date carbon accounting and attribution and measures of additionality. Lenders on our platform always have access to these forecasts as well as actual impact data, provided either by borrowers or – in some cases – directly from Internet-connected equipment. For sufficiently large and high-impact loan pipelines we can obtain certification into carbon trading schemes, improving loan economics significantly.

Decarbonising SME opportunities

We are engaging with leading low-emission, productive-use technology vendors, and building a pipeline of decarbonising SME opportunities. Please reach out to our client services now to discuss your impact investing goals.